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The COST Action “advancing Social Inclusion through Technology and Empowerment” (a-STEP) will build an interdisciplinary, intersectoral pan-European and beyond, network which will enhance social inclusion and empowerment of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Intellectual Disability (ID).

Social Inclusion is an important element of well-being for people with ASD and/or ID. Research has highlighted that social inclusion is facilitated through access to education and employment. Despite this, people with ASD and/or ID have low rates of participation in these domains. Research has also shown that Assistive Technology (AT) shows great promise in increasing participation in education and employment.

This Action will bring stakeholders from research, industry, policymakers, service providers and individuals with ASD and/or ID together to exchange current technological, research and policy developments. Stakeholders will identify the challenges of translating research and products into practice and generate strategies to support the development and uptake of new AT. The inclusion of policymakers will be critical as it will allow the Action to promote the deployment and uptake of AT more widely across EU countries and include AT as a policy priority. 

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